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Culture & Shopping

First city map

1. Qa’taq Opera — North gho Square 1
A full evening of Klingon opera makes even the hardest warrior heart soften. Be sure to wear appropriate attire or your experience may vary.

2. Theatre tlha’veq — tlha’veq Hexsection 5
Watch The Tragedy of Khamlet as performed by the livliest theatre company in the Beta Quadrant.

3. Targ Fighting Pit — Block 98884, Basement 31c, Hall 4
Leave the city for some popular local entertainment – Targ fighting! These gambling sites can be found all around the outer living blocks and is a must see for anyone interested in Klingon pastimes. No cheating!

4. DaSpu’ Dome Arena — Arena Heptasection 1
Listen to the roar of the infamous supporters of qa’rol qa’vaQ, or see the moving beauty of the Peoples Dance Company and their sublime cooperation.

5. Duras Nightclub — 58 bo’DIj Avenue
The honorable House of Duras invite you to their fine establishment with a splendid view over the Central Incarceration Shafts.

6. The Bahgol Room — 561 Blood Street
Enjoy a glass of warm Bahgol to the sounds of traditional Klingon flute.

7. The Longest Ladder — 566 Blood Street
Every tourist has to try at least one sip of their potent Chech’tluth.

8. First Contact — 981 Blood Street
At this night club for interstellar relations open minded Klingons meet with foreigners. Private booths available.

9. ngevwI’ HIjmeH chaw Blood Bowl 4
Imperial stamps for all collectors! (Entrance fee: 50 darsek)

10. Knifes, Daggers & Such — East Highway 3619
Why not bring a quality blade back home? Here you can make good deals on both used and new battle equipment.

11. The Lazy Lover — 36 DeghwI’ Hexsection
This is the back alley store that every Klingon knows about but no Klingon talks about.

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